Local News

Leading Off (3/6/18)

High today of about 65. Beautiful day to get out and vote those Russian bots out of office!

Time to Vote. If you didn’t vote early, get out and hit the polls. Make your voice heard. Fill in some ovals with a black Sharpie. When it comes to casting your vote, you can either listen to the Russian Facebook bots, or you can use the DMN’s voter guide.

Karen Gren Scholer Confirmed as Federal Judge. The Senate confirmed Scholer to serve as a judge for the Northern District of Texas. The vote was pretty close though: 95-0. This ends what is known as a “judicial emergency,” because the position had been open so long. I’ve spent some time with Judge Scholer and can report with total journalistic objectivity that she is awesome, and this is a good thing.

Another Birth Using a Transplanted Uterus. No names are being released, but Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas has helped a second mom bring a baby into the world using someone else’s uterus. Pretty amazing.

Spencer Hight Autopsy Reveals He Was Extremely Drunk. Last fall at a football watch party in Plano, Hight used an AR-15 to murder his estranged wife and seven of her friends. Now we know his blood alcohol level was .33, so high that it would threaten most drinkers’ lives.