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Leading Off (3/12/18)

How is it almost the middle of March? I don't talk about that in the post. Just wondering. It's going by fast, no?

Fort Worth is Seeing an Uptick in Multiple Births. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, which just rolls off the tongue, has already delivered seven sets of triplets and 23 twins this year. That’s equal to the total number of triplets THHMHFW had last year and double the amount that THHMHFW brought into the world in January-February 2017. Maybe it’ll even out. Either way, it strengthens my resolve not to date in Fort Worth. Sorry for getting political.

Who Should MFFLs Be Watching in the NCAA Tournament? The Mavs aren’t going anywhere — they lost last night to the Rockets, thank goodness — and you’re already fake caring about the tournament to get out of work while hoping the bracket you picked basically blindly will pay off, so let’s look at some prospects. As a distinguished alum of UT, I personally want Mo Bamba although I also don’t want him because I can guaran-dang-tee you that the Mavs PA guy is going to do some sort of “La Bamba” thing with his name that I can already tell will irritate me beyond all reasonable measure and possibly lead to me being carried out of the Old No. 7 Club in zipties. Speaking of the NCAA Tournament …

March Madness Starts in Dallas on Thursday at the AAC. Of regional note: Texas Tech will play Stephen F. Austin. Also in town: Wright State, Florida, either UCLA or St. Bonaventure (depending on who wins the play-in game), Miami, Loyola-Chicago, and Tennessee, led by former UT coach Rick Barnes, which will give me a chance to find him on one of my daily walks and accost him for only making one Final Four appearance despite having T.J. Ford, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Durant at various points during his tenure.

“Dallas Fuel Release Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.” I honestly, honestly cannot tell if this is a real story. (FWIW, there is some language if you click on that. Just looking out for my young fans and [exaggerated wink at camera] their moms.)

I Walked Something Like 20 Miles This Weekend. I’m not being hyperbolic. Probably half of that was because I was bored, so that’s not really a flex, FYI. Sorry, no link. You can probably find my dumb Instagram account on your own. Also, it’s my dad’s birthday on Wednesday. That’s not related. Just not sure if I’ll get a chance to remind everyone. Also also: a special shout to Three Links for celebrating five years in business this weekend.

Finally, Here’s a Live Version of Alvvays’ “Dreams Tonite.” ICYMI, they’re playing Homegrown Fest in May. You guys have a solid week, OK?