Dallas Church Ladies Take On Busted State Healthcare Program for Women

Texas Healthy Women was introduced as state lawmakers try to replace Planned Parenthood. Some East Dallas women are not impressed.

A group of Dallas women, many of them friends from church, has produced some damning statistics on the website for Texas Healthy Women, a state healthcare program for women introduced as Texas legislators try to force Planned Parenthood out of the state.

Here’s Shawn Shinneman, from the most healthcare-focused of our sister publications:

The group, called “East Dallas Persistent Women,” put out a study today that shows 66 percent of providers listed on HTW’s site aren’t actually providers of the program. That’s based on a statistically representative survey of 54 counties in Texas.

For the study, a dozen volunteers made nearly 1,500 calls over two months, asking the listed providers whether they accepted patients of the Healthy Texas Women program, what services they provided, and when they could schedule an appointment.

In Dallas County, the numbers are even more bleak than the state totals: about 82 percent of the providers don’t provide care through HTW, the group found.

There’s a secondary issue with repetition. Of the 1,043 in Dallas County, only 505 were unique names, EDPW says.

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