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Where Was the Richest Super Bowl Squares Game in Dallas?

Just wondering

Once upon a time, back when D Magazine had an office across the street from a certain steakhouse, I bought a Super Bowl square at that steakhouse for $100. Well, actually, I bought half a square, splitting it with a coworker. That still seemed an irresponsible wager on my part. I can’t recall which teams played that year, but with seconds to go in the third quarter and our square about to pay off, one team went for two points after a touchdown, when clearly the extra point was the right move, and I got screwed out of $1,000.

Thinking about that hosing, and also thinking about how I dominated the Super Bowl squares game at my house party last night, where the squares went for $3, I got to wondering where in Dallas the richest game went down. Surely there’s a country club that sold $1,000 squares. Maybe $5,000?

If you don’t want your name in the comments, email me directly. I won’t rat you out.


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  • @zaccrain

    Tim, I don’t have a squares story, as you know I don’t gamble. I just dropped in here to thank you for this novel approach to localizing a worldwide event. I think we could all take a lesson from that.

    • Zac, your comment is a timely argument against killing the comments section of this blog, as The Atlantic recently did with its comments. I’ve used this forum to provide a link, below. Thank you for continuing the conversation.

      • Poetaster Dallas

        Turning off comments, again? Let me convince you otherwise.

        Tuxes and dead words, reviewing a dumb show,
        Earworms on Fridays and critiquing Steve Blow,
        PODcasts at Old Monk where you live like kings
        These were a few of my favorite things.

        Barton or Johnson or Gohmert or Perry,
        Rawlings or Kleinman or ex-Manager Mary,
        Conversations on Dallas by D bel esprit
        Some damn funny writing, I think we’d agree.

        Riffs on Ms. Brenner and critiquing media
        Rico y Chato, a local comedia
        Real foodie news, not just what is fancy
        Now you have got me missing Uncle Nancy.

        When the dog leaves
        When the Dirk goes
        Where will we be then?

        We’ll simply remember our favorite things,
        And hope it’ll return, again.

        (Third time’s a charm)

  • bystander

    Our family has held a gala “Super Bowl” party for each of the past 9 years,. We create a game grid or squares as described in the article (also known in some circles as an office pool). Ours is different in that no one bets, but everyone has multiple chances to win.

    It works like this: The party host (that’s me, assuming the role as “patriarch”) puts up the prize. It’s always been at least $100, but we moved it up to $125 this year. Everyone makes their “square” pick one by one in turn and the size of our family allows each person to get several picks (there’s 100 squares to assign). We have used the same grid picks from previous years when time isn’t available for a round-the-room selection. All family members (old enough to understand it) are included even those away at university, at home sick with the flu or on pleasure or business trips,

    Prizes are awarded by quarter ($25 for each of the first three quarters and $50 for the 4th quarter). It creates quite a dynamic because everytime the lead changes it causes everyone to check to see if they are in the lead and if so they hope for the quarter to end without a change while the others are wishing for yet another score.

    We also maintain a live score-by-score group cell phone message thread update telling who’s in the lead with each score and by quarter end and it’s actually very exciting. It gets everyone involved. Even those who really aren’t ordinarily into football get very immersed in the game.

    Everybody has fun with it. Maybe some others out there in Dmagazine land will pick up on the idea and use it for their own parties. Come to think of it… it could be used every Sunday throughout the season. Party on!