Dan Koller, pictured here with his family. (Credit: Denise Wolf)


New EarBurner: Dan Koller, Former People Newspapers Editor, Onetime Late Show Guest Star

If all goes according to plan, in May, Dan will be able to add "Coppell ISD trustee" to his résumé.

Dan Koller is the former editor of People Newspapers, a string of once-weekly suburban broadsheets owned by D Magazine owner Wick AllisonTheir offices, as a matter of fact, are upstairs from where I type this. Dan has also been the recipient of a rather vile voicemail from failed City Council candidate and anti-gay graffiti tagger Richard Sheridan. And before all that, in 1994, he parlayed an internship at The Late Show With David Letterman into a brief bit role, the straight-faced audience member that drove Dave to violence.

Now, for something completely different, Dan wants to win a seat on the Coppell school board. So he popped into the Old Monk with two of his old colleagues, Tim Rogers and Zac Crain, to catch up and explain what makes a former newspaper editor want a seat on a suburban school board. (Spoiler: Coppell ISD has seen a lot of new homes go up in its boundaries. It has not seen a lot of new schools. Dan wants to be part of the solution about determining where these kids will go in the future.)

Show notes after the jump.

1. First, here is Dan’s campaign website.

2. When we spoke, it had been less than a day since Richardson Officer David Sherrard had been fatally shot. On Tuesday, hundreds gathered for his funeral.

3. Tim made a Big Deal about how only the president of the United States can order municipalities and other public entities to lower the flag to half-mast. He was wrong. The governor can do it, too.

4. You can now have your Whole Foods groceries delivered in two hours for free, via Amazon Prime Now.

5. Poor Dirk.

6. Poor Devin Harris.

7. Last year, a man named Pankaj Jain sued Coppell ISD over its at-large election system, which he argued disenfranchised Asian-Americans.

8. And here is everything you need to know about Dan’s appearance on The Late Show.


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