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Local Hero Rescues Driver Whose Car Breaks Down in Dallas Traffic: The Movie

This .gif shows an absolute nightmare—a car breakdown in the middle of the highway—turned into a story of bravery and friendship.

Today I’d like to share a 60-second .gif that has the drama, production value, and edge-of-your-seat suspense of a feature-length Hollywood film.

The scene: I-35E northbound, just outside of downtown Dallas.

The players: a heroic city worker and his big truck; a driver (Reddit user theshague, congratulations on your viral internet post) whose vehicle has front and rear-facing video cameras; Dallas traffic.

The action: an ill-timed car breakdown.

The moral of the story: In trying circumstances, like your car sputtering out in the center lane on 35, we must count on each other.

Coming to a blog post near you: “My car died in Monday Dallas traffic, so I made a gif to apologize to everyone and thank the city worker who saved me.”