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Leading Off (2/2/18)

Some news.

John Battaglia Executed. The man convicted of killing his two daughters while their mother listened on the phone in 2001 was pronounced dead at 9:40 p.m. Thursday.

Dallas City Councilmen Donate Money From Unsavory Bus Agency Figures. Scott Griggs, Philip Kingston, and Adam Medrano are giving away the campaign contributions they accepted from people connected to alleged criminal activity at Dallas County Schools, sending those thousands of dollars to the city’s school crossing guard program. Mark Clayton is donating to the Aberg Center for Literacy. Councilman Adam McGough, who also accepted contributions from these characters, said he had already funneled leftover campaign cash toward worthwhile causes, getting off this masterful bit of shade-throwing: “…sounds like a great political move to do that now, but it has always been my philosophy to donate almost all of the campaign money that comes in to worthy and intentional needs in our communities, especially when not during campaign season.” All the council candidates who took money from unsavory bus agency types before the Dallas County Schools scandal came to light told the paper that at the time they didn’t know where those contributions had come from.

Tethering Ban Begins. As of Thursday, it is illegal to leave an unattended dog tethered in Dallas. And Dallas Animal Services “reported progress on the city’s loose dog problem.”

Area Cowboys Fan to Grit His Teeth, Drink, Mutter Something About the Lesser of Two Evils and Enemy of My Enemy and That Tom Brady Sure Is a Competitor and So On, Place Bet to Make It Interesting, Reluctantly Support the New England Patriots for Three-Plus Hours Sunday, and Then Never Again. The Super Bowl is this weekend. Dallas came nowhere close to being in it. It’s fine. We’re over it. Been over it. Fine. Have a nice Sunday.

What could have been


  • DubiousBrother

    Since Batagglia’s execution was scheduled for 6 pm and he was not pronounced dead until 9:40, I hope he was writhing in pain for 3 1/2 hours before his heart finally stopped. Instead, an attorney was probably getting his last public paid fee billing in trying to keep the pos alive by postponing the needle a few more hours.

  • Bizarro BigTex

    The horror that was Batagglia makes me question sometimes whether humans should exist on the face of this planet. How that man could act that monstrously and murder his daughters is beyond me. I feel bad drawing satisfaction from another person’s death, but I am really glad he is gone. It was just too easy for him. Way too easy.