Local News

Leading Off (2/13/18)

It's Mardi Gras. Let's do this. Cloudy today, with a high of 45. Will we get any rain? Only God knows.

Lincoln Coleman Found Safe. After the former Cowboys running back went missing for eight days, a news alert was issued for people to call 911 if they had information on his whereabouts. Coleman has had some health issues, including dementia. Well, last night he found himself in a Dallas homeless shelter and watching himself on the 9 p.m. news. So he walked home to his mother’s house.

Woman Found Dead in Northwest Dallas. Diana Kravetskaya’s body was found Saturday in the 2700 block of Electronic Lane, near Manana Drive and I-35. Police are now saying her death is unexplained, and they are looking for anyone with information to come forward.

$48 Million Once Meant for Trinity Toll Road Now Going to Flood Control. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that at one point we were trying to build a road when really what we needed to do was protect lives and property?


  • @zaccrain

    Tim, I know we are actually currently in an IRL conversation but I wanted to publicly thank you for asking some tough questions here. Good job, buddy.

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