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SMU Grad Quitting Stressful Public Relations Job

Hope Hicks is pursuing new opportunities.

Hope Hicks, President Trump’s White House communications director, SMU class of 2010, is pursuing new opportunities.


  • Mavdog

    Hopefully she can find a job where she is not required to tell “white lies” for her boss.

    • Happy Bennett

      She’s a 29 year old who has spent 2 years in politics, during which time she seems to have dated two divorced guys who reportedly abuse women. She needs to get herself another job, and it makes sense for her to move on.

      • Mavdog

        Your critique on her apparent issues with the men she selects to associate with is on point.

  • OldLakeHighlander

    I believe we can all come together as a nation, under one voice, and believe that:
    The Bachelorette is her best first choice
    Big Brother a distant second
    and to stay away from Dancing with the Stars–she’s too klassy for that!