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Dallas Says Goodbye to Devin Harris Again

He's going to Denver.

Today is the trade deadline for the NBA, traditionally a time when the Dallas Lone Ranger Heroes have been super-active. Such as 2008, when they traded Devin Harris to the Nets for Jason Kidd, which eventually helped the Lone Ranger Heroes win a title. A few seasons ago, Harris made his way back to the team, where he has been quietly productive. I guess the thing I remember most about his second stint was when a friend saw him at an Albertson’s (or maybe it was a Kroger) in far north Dallas with a shopping cart full of soda. NBA diet and all.

ANYWAY, Harris just got traded again, this time to Denver. It’s a three-way deal that sends former Prime Prep (can I get a RIP in the chat, boys?) standout Emanuel Mudiay to the Knicks and volume shooter Doug “Dougie McBuckets” McDermott to Dallas, along with a second-round draft pick. UPDATE: My colleague Matt Goodman, who sits about 36 inches directly in front me, just reminded me that McDermott and Harrison Barnes were high school teammates in Ames, Iowa.

Big question here: do the Mavs retire Harris’ No. 34 (which he wore during his first run with the team and went back to later) or his No. 20 (which he wore for his first season back)? I’ll leave it to Mark Cuban to figure that out.