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Copy Editing John Wiley Price

Look, we all need editors. It's true.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the feisty letter that County Commissioner John Wiley Price sent to Judge Clay Jenkins. Price took Jenkins to task for missing some meetings and, in Price’s estimation, for worrying too much about generating press for himself. These two guys should have their own reality show. I’d watch.

Until that happens, a word-loving FrontBurnervian would like to see Price clean up his correspondence. He sends along this copy-edited version of the letter to Jenkins. There are a couple of other goofs I’d clean up. The “anyone … themselves” construction kills me, even if it does get us to gender neutrality. But anyway. Click the image to make it bigger.


  • woodseanm

    “I” is missing at the start of the third graf.

  • Brad Johnson

    I find myself wondering if the Juvenile Board made a decision to restrict interviews during the “discussion at Letot” that was subject to the Open Meetings Act, and should have been put on an agenda and recorded in the minutes.

    • Rose

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  • @zaccrain

    Tim, I’m kind of busy editing some stuff, but I know you are, too, and so I had to take a second out of my day to commend you for getting this post up. Hope your weekend is great. You deserve it!