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The Moms and Pops Behind Dallas’ Small Businesses

Sometimes it takes a little charm to peek behind the curtain.
By Jonathan Zizzo |

I was inspired to pitch the “Made in Dallas” photo essay for the January issue at a time when there is the potential for even more big brands to move to Dallas. Small businesses contribute greatly to a city’s identity, and I wanted to go behind the curtain at some of Dallas’ most beloved places to showcase the underdogs that people may have forgotten about. My goal was to place an emphasis on not only small businesses but also shops that would provide the most interesting environmental photographs. With the help of Joy Tipping and the staff at the magazine, I was able to identify some truly great small business owners who have been servicing the Dallas area with their craft and genuine workmanship for decades.

One example is Kathy Holland, a seamstress at The Maddox Shop, which has been in Casa Linda Plaza for at least 50 years. I had to talk her into doing things for the portrait that she thought were not right (keeping on her glasses), but it helped that my grandmother was a sewing wizard. I loved that the ladies in the shop had images of a practically naked Matthew McConaughey on the wall next to photos of their grandchildren. It made me feel right at home, even in a lingerie store. 

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