The Longhorn Ballroom threw up a tribute to the infamous Jan. 10, 1978 Sex Pistols performance it hosted. Photo by Alex Macon.


The Sex Pistols Did Dallas 40 Years Ago Tonight

The Longhorn Ballroom has re-created the marquee from one of the most infamous shows Dallas has ever seen.

This blog post exists for three reasons.

  1. It was 40 years ago tonight that the Sex Pistols played the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, an infamous show that came as the group unraveled on its first and final U.S. tour. The band wasn’t very good. But the show is remembered now for a bloody Sid Vicious, an overwhelming sense of chaos, and the photo of a marquee above the venue’s longhorn replica that also billed an upcoming Merle Haggard concert, an extremely Texas sight if there ever was one.
  2. The Longhorn Ballroom, which was recently restored and has hosted a few events after years of inactivity, re-created that marquee in tribute of the anniversary, adding the anachronistic touch of a website address. I thought that was pretty neat, and I live nearby, so I moseyed over there and took the photo you see above Tuesday evening.
  3. Jeff Gage wrote about the night the Sex Pistols did Dallas for us a year ago. Now’s a good time to revisit that story.