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Raw Cookie Dough Comes to Dallas! Time for More Puns!

It's the end of the world.

With the news that we’ve got two raw cookie dough joints coming to town, it’s time to talk puns again. Listen up, Brett Shipp. One joint is called Cookie DOH. The other is The Dough Dough. Let’s see who wins this battle of names. Cookie DOH should be called Cookie D’oh, like Homer Simpson says it. As is, people are going to call it Cookie Dee-Oh-H, which makes no sense. The Dough Dough, on the other hand, makes you think of the bird, and that’s funny, because they’re all dead. The matter is settled. The Dough Dough wins.

Now let’s take a look at what these places should have been named.

’Dos and Dough. This place combines blowouts and cookie dough.

Just Dough It

De Dough Dough Dough, De Da Da Da. This place plays only Police songs.

Dough Me Right

Till Death Dough Us Part. This one has a quickie wedding chapel in it. Obviously.

Dough’nt Tread on Me. The logo features a snake curled around a cup of cookie dough.


A Voca Dough. Loosen up! Don’t ya get it? I guess it’s what they call a “way homer.” Cause you only get it on the way home.


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  • Chris Ullom


  • A. B.

    Dough Si Dough. Square dancing and cookie dough. What could go wrong?

  • That is damn solid work. I would visit your store.