Local News

Leading Off (1/30/18)

Sunny today, with a high of 60. Perfect for high-fives.

The Margaret McDermott Bridge Is Broken. The city saved money in the construction of the bridge by skipping certain tests. Now the bridge is cracking up. Yet another failure we can lay at the feet of Sarah Standifer, the woman who runs the worst department in the city of Dallas, Trinity Watershed Management.

Site Selected for Downtown High-Speed Rail Station. Do you own land near the interchange of interstates 30 and 35E? Congratulations! You’re rich! That’s where the new fancy rail station will be built. (Update: don’t read this item. It’s old news. I see now that Alex posted this yesterday.)

Ellis County Couple Chained Woman to Bed, Made Her Clean the House. Ovilla police rescued a woman who said she was drugged and kidnapped, then shackled and chained to a bed by a couple who made her clean their house. Charlotte and Jean-Claude DeMars have odd ideas about maid service.