Leading Off

Leading Off (12/6/17)

Mayor Rawlings announces goals for Dallas, more theaters cut ties with Lee Trull, and more.

Mayor Rawlings Announces New Goals for Dallas. During his State of the City address yesterday, he said he has to a goal to, well, come up with new goals. He wants to implement a major strategic plan, Goals for Dallas 2030, to cultivate strategies for things like infrastructure, technology, housing, and education. Rawlings said it’s finally the right time to tackle the big picture. “Hopefully, it’s not my plan. It’s the city of Dallas’ plan, because if it’s the mayor’s plan, it will be thrown in the dustbin,” he said.

More Theaters Cut Ties With Lee Trull. After the DTC fired Trull, their director of new play development, for inappropriate behavior, other theaters he’s worked with are following suit. Stage West canceled Trull’s plans to direct a regional premiere in March. Kitchen Dog Theater cut ties with him. Playwright Kate Hamill and composer Shawn Magill ceased work on the musical adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea they were developing with DTC and Trull. Second Thought Theatre retracted the offer for Trull to direct Hillary and Clinton in January. I have a feeling the list will keep growing.

Sherin Mathews’ Parents Can’t Contact Surviving Daughter. A Dallas judge blocked them from contacting their surviving 3-year-old. Child Protective Services doesn’t have to help them work to regain custody. Both Wesley and Sini Mathews still face criminal charges regarding Sherin’s case. A civil trial sometime in early 2018 will determine whether they will regain their parental rights. Their surviving daughter has been temporarily placed with relatives.

SMU Hunt Leadership Scholars Program Receives $15 Million. The Nancy Ann Hunt Foundation gave SMU the money to help support Hunt scholars. There are 20 scholars selected every year, and they receive annual financial aid that comes close to a full ride. The scholarship has aided 372 students to date.