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Jim Schutze Is Still Wrong About Museum Tower and Mike Snyder

Gotta give him credit, though. Once he takes a position, he's not afraid to double down on it.
By Tim Rogers |

Have you had time yet to read Jim Schutze’s latest banger about Museum Tower and Mike Snyder, or are you still recovering from the New York Times story about the alien invasion? Schutze is good at his job. If you looked at the issues he’s taken a side on, he’s probably batting .800. The whole West Dallas, Khraish Khraish-versus-Mayor Mike Rawlings thing comes to mind. So that’s probably why, when Schutze is wrong, his boneheadedness is so striking. It’s so rarely on display.

Today, Schutze wrote a piece for the Observer about Mike Snyder and the Dallas Morning News and how the paper has it out for him because it was always in the bag for the Nasher in its fight with Museum Tower. It’s complicated. Read Schutze’s post if you haven’t already. Here’s the part that really jumped out at me:

It wasn’t that I thought the pension fund was right or that Museum Tower may not have been too shiny. I’m not a shiny expert. It just pissed me off enormously that nobody in town wanted to let the pension fund talk.

The powers that be were handling the shiny debate the same way they always want to handle anybody who crosses them, by shoving a pillow in the other guy’s face. So it was great to see someone [Snyder, working as a sock puppet] allowing the pension to grab a gasp of air now and then.

Excuse me? Nobody in town wanted to let the pension talk? Schutze means Richard Tettamant, who used to run the pension, before it was raided by the FBI. I let him talk. Steve Thompson at the News let him talk. KERA gave him his space. Those are just the links that jumped to the top of my Google search. The reason the pension was gasping for air is that it had buried itself under a mountain of risky real estate investments. And because the FBI was breathing down their necks. And because it had to eat crow over the sock puppetry stuff. Don’t cry for Mike Snyder.

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