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Editor’s Note: An Apology to the PR Heads at the DMA and DTC

We apologize for going too far in taking two arts organizations to task for their use of the phrase "inappropriate behavior."

On Tuesday, we published a post about the Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas Theater Center’s issuance of the phrase “inappropriate behavior” in the recent resignation and firing, respectively, of two high-profile employees. Especially in the case of the DTC, where the employee worked with minors and SMU students, we felt the public was owed more specificity. And we still feel that way. We stand behind the essential point of the post.

But in making that point, we let our passion blind us to a line beneath our feet as we crossed it. We — editors and writer — made an error in judgment in calling out by name the two women who run the PR departments of the DTC and the DMA. We apologize to them and to our readers for doing so. The original post has been altered.