Still from a video promoting Dallas' Amazon HQ2 hopes.

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Wall Street Journal Says Amazon Is Totally Coming to Dallas

How many more city rankings do you think we can go through before Amazon decides where to build its second headquarters?

We’ve previously told you to cool your jets on the idea of Amazon building its second headquarters in Dallas: nice city, but the public transit is too crummy and the amenities millennials demand are too scarce to bring Bezos to town.

Well, now we’re telling you to fire up those jets and blast off into outer space, where everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs because oh my God this is it the Wall Street Journal just put Dallas at the top of its ranking of which cities are most likely to get HQ2. That Wall Street Journal story is behind a paywall, but let us assure you that there are charts, and that Dallas is “looking good.”

The paper, with some help from the research consultancy Green Street Advisors, ranked cities on Amazon’s given metrics, including quality of life and transportation concerns. This analysis apparently lends more weight to the things Dallas does have going for it: no state income tax and a comparatively low cost of living. (Which actually isn’t that low when you factor in transportation costs, but hey, this is a positive post.) Intriguingly, the Journal also says it conducted interviews with “people familiar with Amazon’s thinking.” Maybe they know something about the presumably massive tax incentives Dallas-Fort Worth threw on the table with its bid to the company.

Boston came in second, Washington D.C. in third. Counting those two and Dallas, Amazon is sifting through 238 proposals from cities and regions. The company is expected to make a decision next year, promptly killing this “virtual cottage industry” of Amazon HQ2 predictions and putting an end to the desperation and debasement of civic leaders around the country.

For now, that Amazon pendulum is swinging toward Dallas, where the living’s easy.


  • bbetzen

    As far as Dallas ISD schools, the progress is continuing in spite of the conflicts some media and others try to emphasize. See some of that progress at and it is progress that can be replicated without the millions Dallas ISD is used to spending. This is a VERY low dollar volunteer project that kids and parents like, the Time Capsule Project simply focused on both planning the future and knowing your roots.

  • 3FingerPete

    So which affluent northern Dallas suburb will get it?

  • Vermont Royster

    the journal and d mag r talking out their jock straps–ignorant–Boston will get it due to high tech and high tecj schools and a liberal state–PERIOD—

  • busdrivermike

    Well…..that’s precious. Look to Las Vegas. If you put a bullet train into from Vegas into LA, you get an LA, Vegas, Seattle triangle, all within two hours of each other, commutable to any of the three nodes in a long business day. Then add Musks hyperloop to San Francisco, and you have access to the incredible talent of Silicon Valley.

  • Will Comeaux

    Amazone will increase cost of living and oversaturate the city with men which is something we don’t want. Men lead in murders, sexual assaults, workplace harassment, attracting prostitutes to the city, child porn, domestic violence, white collar crime, and just everything bad.

    Tech companies are normally 80 – 90% men.

  • RompingWillyBilly

    Pound for pound, the region in and around Dallas is number one in the world for retail and wholesale expertise. It has the most competitive grocery store market in the United States. This is on top of the area being the largest market for Walmart.
    There is a video on Youtube of a French Woman who is travel celebrity marveling at all the stores in and around Dallas. I’m not saying Dallas eclipses New York City or Paris, but, pound for pound, it is a retail center to marvel.
    Try stepping back to see the forest for the trees. Austin isn’t close enough to Dallas. The wholesale district stretching along Stemmons Expressway is so large that it can be seen from the planet Mars. Pertaining to their retail / wholesale markets, Houston and Dallas don’t warrant a comparison. In my opinion, it would be stupid, if the company is really serious that is, for Amazon not to base itself somewhere in North Texas.

  • RompingWillyBilly

    Pertaining to retail, Austin is a suburb of Dallas. Why base yourself in Austin and then fly all the time to Dallas? Just go ahead and relocate somewhere close to Dallas. We aren’t talking high tech center here as much as which of the areas is also one of the major retail centers in the universe. It is also served by three major airports.

  • RompingWillyBilly

    The problem with Midtown is DISD. It today has become less of a corrupt educational bureaucracy and more of a subversive social oriented political organization. Why base a company where the children of your employees will have to endure daily terrorism and beat downs? You know, there is an alternate world out there that the pretentious claim to exist, and a real cruel world that actually exists. It isn’t like we aren’t aware of what is truly going on. Shhh . . ..

  • Marshal Reinhart

    It is not near what the leaders are. 2 Million people in ATX metro vs 7.5 mill in DFW. One big University don’t do it