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The Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge Finally Opens Today

It took more than a decade, but the bridge extending the Katy Trail over Mockingbird Lane is finally ready.

After years of delays, a bridge spanning Mockingbird Lane east of Central to connect the White Rock and Katy trails will open this afternoon. You’ll be able to walk or bike across the bridge, which runs from Mockingbird Station to the backside of the Highland Dallas hotel, starting at about 4 p.m., once officials wrap up with the requisite ribbon-cutting.

It’s a much-needed bit of walkability at what has been a dangerous street for crossing pedestrians, and one of the biggest steps yet taken toward connecting Dallas’ trails. A sturdy bicyclist could now spend a day riding from the American Airlines Center to White Rock Lake. The bridge was first OK’ed as part of the city’s 2006 bond package, but years of construction delays, property disputes, and utility issues accounted for a frustrating and seemingly never-ending series of postponements.

If all this talk of bond packages, construction delays, and trails calls to mind the latest bond package Dallas is taking to voters—early voting continues through Friday, and Election Day is Tuesday—that’s for good reason. One of the proposals now being brought before voters calls for the completion of The Loop, a proposed 50-mile circuit connecting Dallas’ major bike-and-pedestrian trails across the city. As for long-delayed bond projects, the city is telling voters that projects in this latest package should be finished within five years. For more, here’s our voter’s guide to the 2017 bond election.


  • topham

    It’s great to link up the Katy Trail north and south of Mockingbird. For joggers and cyclists this is wonderful news.

    But the bridge doesn’t do much for local walkability at Mockingbird Station. The long bridge approaches actually require pedestrians to walk farther to use the bridge than they do to get to the crosswalk at M’Bird and Central. If people won’t walk from Mockingbird Station to that crosswalk (and jaywalking has been the cause of the fatalities), how likely is it that they’ll take a longer hike to cross via the bridge?

  • JohnyAlamo

    1st picture of Lime/Spin/Vbike bikes left up on it is the winner!

  • b venable

    Looking at the Voters Guide, it looks to me that Bond Issue B and D are yes and the rest are no? unless of course you want to just say yes to everything with all the debt that goes with it.

    • Larry Brautigam

      And the slush fundiness..

  • Larry Brautigam

    This is NOT a replacement for “dangerous street crossing.”

    Using it just to cross Mockingbird requires several hundred yards of detour.

    So, pedestrians still in crosshairs. Appropriately.

  • b venable

    Did I mention, though, that we are GLAD TO HAVE IT! Makes a big difference for a bicyclist

  • dfw_maverick

    do I have to walk/ride across central to get to the trail or is there a bridge over central? if so, where is it?