Leading Off

Leading Off (11/30/17)

Doctor had warned CPS of abuse toward Sherin Mathews, English is no longer Farmers Branch's official language, and more.

Sherin Mathews’ Doctor Had Told CPS of Abuse. A Dallas doctor who examined the 3-year-old in March found several bone fractures. She reported this to CPS because she was concerned that Sherin’s parents might have been abusing her. The doctor’s testimony was heard yesterday at a court hearing to determine if the parents will be able to reunite with their other child, who’s also a 3-year-old girl. They’re still in jail and face criminal charges related to Sherin’s death. It’s even more tragic if this could all have been prevented.

English is No Longer the Official Language of Farmers Branch. City council members voted to repeal an ordinance that made the city’s official language English. The ordinance had also prohibited the use of other languages for city documents, meetings, and the like. “We hope this new chapter in our community’s history will help further promote an inclusive environment, not only among our residents, but anyone looking to live, work, or play in Farmers Branch,” said Ana Reyes, the council’s first Hispanic member.

T. Boone Pickens Wants to Sell You His Ranch for $250 Million. The 89-year-old Dallas businessman and oil tycoon is selling his 65,000-acre Mesa Vista Ranch for a mere $250 million. It’s got man-made lakes, tennis and golf courses, a movie theater—oh, and a two-story pub. Time to get the checkbook out.