Leading Off

Leading Off (11/16/17)

Downtown to get new parks, DPD increases foot patrols, and more.

Four New Parks May Be Headed to Downtown. After the bond package was approved, Dallas philanthropist Robert Decherd wants to move ahead with the construction of four new downtown parks—Pacific Plaza, Harwood Park, Carpenter Park, and a West End park. He wants them all to be completed within a few years.

Dallas Police Increasing Foot Patrols to Deter Crime. Chief U. Renee Hall’s new crime reduction initiative will send more officers to high-crime areas to talk to residents, carry out warrants, and prevent criminal activity. Overall crime in Dallas is lower than it has been, but business robberies and aggravated assaults have risen lately. The south-central and northwest parts of Dallas are the most affected areas.

Body Found Outside Old East Dallas Home. A killer is at large after the body of 24-year-old Julio Navarete-Leal was found yesterday in the driveway of a home in Old East Dallas. Police say no suspects are in custody and they have yet to determine a motive.

AT&T Outage Reported in Dallas. Last night, AT&T users reported an outage here and in other cities after they realized they couldn’t make or receive calls. AT&T suggested restarting your phone, which might have to be done multiple times. They said “that should resolve the issue,” even though they still don’t know what the issue is.


  • JamieT

    Speaking of AT&T, if your parents or even you are clinging to an expensive old AT&T landline phone on the expectation that they or you will retain phone service in a disaster or medical emergency, understand that the phone line is often tied into the U-verse line at the VRAD (that big stainless steel box usually at the front of a subdivision), which means that when U-verse goes down or the line is cut, bye-bye expensive legacy landline service until the separate U-verse service is restored.

    I’m surprised none of you go-getters has never managed to run this story down when you aren’t sitting around the office crying.