Local News

Leading Off (11/14/17)

Partly cloudy and a high of 74 today, with a chance of pulled hamstring.

Assistant District Attorney Fired. If you haven’t heard Jody Warner’s drunken rant on a Uber ride, you should check it out. She had a rough night. And yesterday evening, District Attorney Faith Johnson canned her. The Uber driver offered: “I’m sure she’s a good person when she’s sober.”

President of American Heart Association Suffers Heart Attack. John Warner is a cardiologist, CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals, and president of Dallas-based American Heart Association. He’s only 52. At a conference in California, he suffered a heart attack and needed a stent implant. He’s in stable condition. Mind your health, people.

Violent Crime Is Up in Dallas. Yesterday, the Public Safety Committee learned in a report that violent crime is up 4.31 percent, with a 23.56 percent jump in business robberies. Right now we’ve got 3,053 cops, compared with 3,362 at this same point last year and 3,489 the year prior. I could note that overall crime is still down (2.38 percent), but that would only lull you into a false sense of actual security.

Sean Lee Is Broken. Sources tell the DMN he’ll be out for three games with a bad hammy. Hello darkness, my old friend.