The Children's Health Holiday Parade rolls through downtown Dallas on Dec. 5. Photo by Stephen Masker.


Dallas Holiday Parade Is Rescued, Christmas Saved

Time to crank up 'Jingle Bells' and chug down a gallon of eggnog, because the once endangered downtown parade is back on, y'all.

The Dallas Holiday Parade is on, organizers posted on Facebook this morning. The downtown parade, previously endangered, flirting with extinction, and openly pleading for a Christmas miracle after its biggest sponsor stepped aside this year, in the last hour found a “major benefactor” to supply the good cheer and $347,000 it needed to continue.

Christmas can proceed. The Holiday Parade has not yet named its corporate savior, but has scheduled a press conference at 4 p.m. Friday at the recently reborn Statler Hotel downtown. Wonder who it could beUpdate, 4: 15 p.m. Friday: It was Toyota. We did not call it.

Organizers also intend to reveal a “new image” for the parade at the aforementioned press conference. This could just mean adding the new corporate sponsor’s name to the parade’s title, like, just to pick a completely random example, calling it the “Statler Dallas Holiday Parade.” Maybe they’re going to throw a bone to your angry uncle, the one who posts those alarming things on social media, and change its name back to “Christmas Parade.” Maybe we’ll get some sick new branding to appeal to the younger crowd: download the Holiday Parade app!

New look or not, we love a good holiday parade. Time to add it to our list of 101 things to do for Christmas in Dallas.


  • Mark Pfeifer

    I truly hope that the new corporate sponsor for the Holiday Parade IS the newly opened Statler Hotel. This location was the Statler Hilton for decades and the hotel part of this complex is still under the Hilton franchise – some way or the other.
    So, here’s the scoop. Conrad Hilton was actually born on Christmas Day 130 years ago. And Mr. Hilton was a very charitable man not only during his lifetime but also after his death via his will. Therefore, as an honor to Mr. Hilton it should be renamed the Statler Christmas Parade.