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Chewbacca Joins Fort Worth PD in Recruitment Video Gone Viral

The 'Star Wars' character does not, however, seem fully prepared to patrol the streets of North Texas.

The Fort Worth Police Department has boosted its social media game with a short, quirky video, titled “Chewbacca joins Fort Worth Police Department.” As of Thursday afternoon, the public relations and recruitment clip had nearly 1 million views on the department’s Facebook page.

Surely this has got to be some far-fetched clickbait? The video’s title is as straightforward and descriptive as it gets, however. The comedic snippet features a day in the life of the Fort Worth police alongside the “wookie rookie,” the furry Star Wars character Chewbacca.

As the department’s newest recruit, Chewbacca spends the day following Officer Jimmy, giving traffic warnings, visiting the shooting range, and training in physical defense. “Aren’t you a cute little doggie?” says an endearing elderly woman who fails to stop at a stop sign. Chewbacca responds, letting out his famous, wordless groan and shaking her car. From there, the communication issues escalate, as the day ends with Chewbacca accidentally detaching one of a fellow officer’s limbs. But we’re not alarmed. It’s Chewbacca—he’s precious and pure enough to get away with pretty much anything.

Ending with the Star Wars theme and intro text, the Fort Worth PD welcomes its aspiring rookies, all in the most light-hearted and, possibly, the cutest ever way. You may be just another clueless rookie, but you can’t be any worse than a Wookiee.

Chloe Young is a student at Centennial High School in Frisco.