ALT 103.7 Is Dallas’ New Music Alternative

Alternative rock radio is back on the Dallas-Fort Worth airwaves about a year after the demise of The Edge.

Kicking things off with the Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy,” Dallas’ new alternative rock radio station made its debut on the airwaves at 10 a.m. this morning. Prophecy must be fulfilled.

ALT 103.7, operating under the very familiar tagline of “Dallas-Fort Worth’s New Alternative,” replaces the Top 40 format of AMP 103.7, which appropriately signed off with Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” The station, an Entercom Communications joint, arrives almost a year after the demise of 102.1 The Edge, which has since switched to adult contemporary. The, ahem, edgy prerecorded DJ introduction to ALT 103.7 cast some shade at its predecessor, calling the last station to play alternative rock in Dallas-Fort Worth “not very good,” a line that may offend Edge partisans who remember that station’s long gone glory days.

ALT 103.7 is going commercial-free for its first 10,000 songs if you want to tune in for a taste. So far it’s about what you’d expect. Nothing radical, even if M.I.A.’s guitar-free “Paper Planes” was a pleasant surprise. (Did that get alt rock radio play back in 2008?) A little Green Day, a little Linkin Park, something called Judah & The Lion, snippets of “Seven Nation Army” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in between full songs.  Rewind, repeat.


  • Olman Reyes Ramirez

    I listen before 102.1 the edge but this new rock alternative station is 🤔🤔😝😝 sorry guys my humble opinion

    • Horizon

      That’s because like a lot of people, your view of alternative is fixed on one point in time. I’m not saying that as an insult. Alt rock that came about in the 90’s and early 2000’s was amazing stuff. Along with the rise of hip hop, it was one of the last great music revolutions. The problem comes when people forget that alternative is just that, the alternative. What we thought of as alternative eventually became extremely popular and mainstream, which essentially made it just modern rock. Alternative is always meant to be the edgy outsider that might work its way in eventually but isn’t quite there yet. The Edge got people entirely too comfortable with what made it great which is why it fizzled out. It became stale and tasteless, like gum chewed for far too long. If you don’t like alt music as it exists then you need to be honest and more specific and say that you like 90’s alternative, because what was isn’t what is, and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Horizon

    Yep this. 100x this. Great post.