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What If the Russians Target Dallas?

Do I sound paranoid? Because I am.

We are learning more every day about how the Russians influenced the 2016 presidential election. (If you need me to link to recent news stories about this, then it’s clear you wouldn’t bother to follow those links.) So what would happen if the Russians decided to target municipal elections in, say, the 10 largest U.S. cities? If their goal was to sow discord and chaos, wouldn’t municipal elections look tempting? Dallas — just to pick a city at random — has the lowest voter turnout of any big city in the country. We’ve got a big bond vote upcoming. How hard would it be to target likely voters in Dallas with disinformation that could sway the vote? And I’m not talking about the sort of disinformation that our own elections administrator has spread.

But I’m sure that’ll never happen. Right?



  • C Newman

    Better start spreading the warning for people to be aware that political messages/ads might be put out in the public that attempt to sway their votes. These messages/ads might even use a catchy attention grabbing headline or soundbite that is taken out of context or doesn’t give you all the facts. It’s a scary world out there now that it has finally become possible for a political campaign to use disinformation to sway voters.

  • Capasso

    Is sewing discord more difficult than sewing a sow’s ear?

    • My problem with homophones is embarrassing. Truly.

      Fixed. Thank you.

    • Larry Brautigam

      Dis cord, dat cord. What’s the big deal?