Leading Off

Leading Off (10/25/17)

Sherin Mathews' body identified, Eric Johnson to speak to Gov. Abbott about Confederate plaque, and more.

Body Confirmed as Missing 3-year-old Sherin Mathews. Police confirmed yesterday that the body they found in a culvert is that of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews. Wesley Mathews’ new story is that Sherin eventually drank her milk in their garage but began to choke, and her breathing slowed. Her father didn’t feel a pulse and believed her to be dead. He confessed to police that he removed her body from the house. Why he didn’t wake his nurse wife, Sini Mathews, is confounding. Autopsy results are pending and will determine Sherin’s cause of death. Wesley Mathews faces up to life in prison.

Dallas Rep Eric Johnson Wants Confederate Plaque Gone. Johnson has been making his case for a long time about removing the plaque with a nod to the Confederacy outside his office at the Texas Capitol. But on Friday, he’ll bring his case to Gov. Greg Abbott. Earlier this week, Johnson filed a formal request with the state to take it down.

4,000 Dallas Jobs Up for Grabs Tomorrow. With the impending holiday rush, about a dozen Dallas-area companies need to hire a lot of people for $15 to $25 per hour. The “You’re Hired! Job Fest” is happening tomorrow afternoon at the Sheraton downtown. Some of these seasonal positions—at companies like UPS, FedEx Ground, and Ashley Furniture—could lead to full-time gigs.

Trump in Dallas Today. He’s here to get $4 million for the GOP and his re-election fund. He’ll be at the Belo Mansion downtown, a few blocks away from the D Mag office. Yay.