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It’s Friday the 13th, So Here’s Evil Big Tex

Howdy, folks. Meet your doom.
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Illustration by Christina Rees.

Because it’s Friday the 13th and I’ve been looking for an excuse to reuse this image, illustrated by our own Christina Rees, front-end web developer, for a similarly silly post from last year, “Dallas Horror Stories, in Six Words.” Because Halloween is in a few weeks and the State Fair of Texas continues through Oct. 22. Because I’ve always suspected Big Tex is a kind of incomprehensible cosmic creation, a Lovecraftian horror whose size and power are beyond the ken of our puny mortal minds, a jumbo goblin in Dickies and a cowboy hat, his vacant grin betraying dark and malicious wishes for the sloven wretches at his feet, feasting on their corn dogs in ignorance. Because it’s Friday afternoon. Have a good weekend.