Dr. Robert Fine tells families that his job is to treat suffering in all its forms. "That's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual."

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Dr. Robert Fine Helps People Die Their Best Deaths

The Baylor physician has a harder job than you do.

Awhile back Mike Mooney pitched me a story about doctor who is a giant in the field of palliative care. My first question for Mike was something like “What the heck is palliative care?” He started by explaining what it wasn’t. Palliative care isn’t the same thing as hospice, though it’s related. It sometimes entails end-of-life decisions. It takes into account the patient’s entire family. It’s a complicated and relatively new field. When Mike told me that we’ve got a palliative care pioneer in our midst, I was sold. Here’s the profile he wrote of Dr. Robert Fine for our October issue; it just went online this morning.