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The Best Fantasy Football Team Names Involving the Names of Players (Active Roster) for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League

Sorry about this.

Photo by Adam Simmons via Flickr.

The Dakstreet Boys

Dak 2 The Future

Dak to Life, Dak to Reality

Don’t Call It a ComeDak

Get Ready You Mother For the Big PayDak (The Big PayDak)

Dak to Dak

Really Anything That Previously Contained the Word “Back,” Which Rhymes With “Dak,” These Things Just Write Themselves

Same For “Jack,” e.g. Dak in the Box 99-Cent Tacos, Hit the Road Dak, Dak Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Prescott’s Tots

Ezekiel 25:17

Zeke Show

The Zeke Shall Inherit the Earth

Bofa Dez Nuts

Team of Deztiny

It Is Not in the Stars to Hold Our Deztiny But in Ourselves

We Are All Wittenesses

Witteness Me (accompanied by a still of this scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, perhaps with Jason Witten’s face transposed in PhotoShop)

Witten It Be Nice If We Were Older

A Lump of Cole (Beasley)

Cole (Beasley) Miner’s Daughter

Cole (Beasley) Mine

Cole: Like Coal, Get It?

Leavesly It To Beasley