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New Podcast: Tony Award Winning Kevin Moriarty, of the Dallas Theater Center

Get past the juvenile beginning and it gets fascinating. We promise.

Kevin Moriarty’s take on the Dallas Theater Center’s upcoming programming zooms into the 1960s. There’s Hair. There’s Martin Luther King. There’s LBJ. There’s a family in Mississippi that disintegrates as the civil rights movement reaches them. There’s a broad distrust of institutions, and an air of change hangs in the air that’s tragic yet hopeful. It’s also familiar. Moriarty, the director of the DTC—who, I’d be remiss not to mention, won a Tony earlier this year—had his dreams come true in being featured at Table No. 1 at the Old Monk with Zac and Tim, the latter of whom led into all these Big Talks with a few minutes of taking responsibility for creating a game that revolves around who can say “penis” the loudest in public. Don’t let the beginning of this chat sour you. It turns from funny and embarrassing to fascinating on a dime. He likes guiding people out of their comfort zones. Here’s his philosophy: “Show up with your eyes open and your ears open and we’re going to tell you a story.”

Show notes and streaming player after the jump.

1Live-look at Zac Crain’s current reporting process. Wick is none too happy about what he’s done with the place.

2. This is Steve Walters.

3. Ohmygod I just drove down Belt Line in Irving and every right lane is packed with vehicles trying to shove into gas stations. People: It will be OK. We told you so.

4. Here is why it is difficult for many people in Dallas to feel comfortable riding on streets with cars, even with all these cool new bikeshare startups coming to town.

5. We told you that Troy Aikman jogs the Katy Trail.

6. 500 Days of Summer is a bad movie, and it included a game that Tim allegedly created that involves yelling “penis” very loudly.

7. This is Houston’s Alley Theatre. It’s a beautiful building with an amazing interior and it flooded again.

8. Here is The Dallas Theater Center’s current season.

9. Moriarty likes to get weird. Here’s more on Electra.

10. Adair’s. If you don’t know, now you know. Go.

11. The true story of the EGOT.


  • EricCeleste

    Two things:

    Only a bunch of Cistercian boys would be so arrogant as to think they invented something as common as yelling a barely naughty word and giggling like idiots.

    You should make the subhead the show’s tagline, no?

    • Don’t hate the players, Eric.

      And, yes, that’s about right.

      • @zaccrain

        Was it really any more juvenile than normal?

  • S. Holland Murphy

    If Zac doesn’t use his yarn to disprove Tim’s ridiculous penis game theory, I will.