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Leading Off (9/8/17)

The moon tonight will be in its waning gibbous phase. Thank you.

Dallas Readies Its Amazon Pitch. Along with representatives of every other major metropolitan area in North America, government officials and titans of Dallas business and real estate will cajole/beg/plead to the online retail behemoth to move its second headquarters here. Some local heads think they have a chance.

The Head Count at Dallas’ Shelter for Harvey Evacuees, as of 7 p.m. Thursday. 3,765.

Lee’s Last Stand. A federal judge dissolved a temporary restraining order that prevented crews from removing the statue of Robert E. Lee at the Oak Lawn park soon to be formerly known as Lee Park. Despite the not-quite-fast-enough urgency the city displayed trying to move the thing immediately after Wednesday’s City Council vote, the statue is now set to come down “over the next few days” or whenever officials “get ourselves together and begin to determine whatever our next moves will be.” Whichever comes first.

Local Radio Station Done Good. Sportsradio 1310 (and 96.7 FM) The Ticket won the prestigious Marconi award for best sports station of the year, its third time to hold that title.

Dallas 24, New York 17. You heard it here first. The Cowboys start their 2017-18 season against the Giants on Sunday night at Jerry World. Ezekiel Elliott will play Week One, but the NFL’s leading rusher is still facing a six-game suspension over allegations of domestic violence, pending a nasty court battle that could outlast the season.