Local News

Leading Off (9/13/17)

The latest on the Plano shooting, more gun stories, and a couple light notes because just gun stuff is too much in the a.m.

Identities of Plano Shooting Victims Released. Spencer Hight—who apparently had a history of alcohol abuse and violent outbursts that led to divorce papers—shot his soon-to-be ex-wife, a groomsman and the best man at his wedding, and five others. Read more about the victims here. One remains in the hospital, condition and identity unknown.

Another Domestic Shooting. Brian Kresner shot and killed his ex-wife yesterday in her car at a Fort Worth library. He then returned to his own vehicle before turning the gun on himself. Reports say their 6-year-old son was nearby.

On The Bright Side, It’s Easier to Legally Carry Firearms Now. Gov. Abbot announced that replacement cards for license-to-carry permits would be free for those who lost the originals due to Hurricane Harvey. The Texas Legislature lowered the fee this past spring, which, as the Texas Tribune reports, will cost the state around $12.6 million in 2018.

Harvey The Hurricane Hawk Flies Free Today. I missed this story in the hurricane mayhem and had to do some googling after reading the update on “a hawk who gained notoriety for taking a free cab ride to escape the effects of Hurricane Harvey.” A couple notes of import: Harvey the Hurricane Hawk is actually a female (but boy names for girls is really in right now so I hope she’s cool with it). And also, Harvey will be set free this afternoon at Plano’s Oak Park Point.

A Very Cole Beasley Closet Addition. If you were looking for a way to celebrate Beasley’s incredible catch from Sunday, well, there is a t-shirt for that. Then again, is a shirt really the best form of commemoration? I mean, here’s one of a sloth playing soccer. And another one that reads, “Sept 11, The First Annual Kiss a Bald Guy Day.” So, I don’t know. You run your life.