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Leading Off (9/12/17)

Partly sunny or partly cloudy? Either way, it's only getting up to about 84 today.

More Info on the Plano House Shooting. A ninth person is now dead, and cops still aren’t releasing names of the victims as they continue to notify their family, but the News has gone through the social media posts of the homeowner, Meredith Hight, and her ex-husband, Spencer Hight, who was the shooter. A sad, disturbing picture is emerging.

Crane Companies Don’t Want Lee Statue Job. This thing continues to be a mess. City Manager T.C. Broadnax says, “[T]here are those kinds of threats making their rounds in the crane rental, owner and rigging business — threats to people’s families, their companies.” I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

New Police Chief Vows to Lower Crime Rate. At her first City Council briefing, Renee Hall said she is conducting a top-to-bottom review of the police department to figure out what needs to be done to fight the rising crime rate in Dallas. First step: hiring more cops.


  • JamieT

    Could it be Emmanuel Goldstein making those threats T.C. Broadnax has heard only anecdotally? He is like a ghost, you know.

    But no matter. As the self-appointed Red Guards of Dallas’ Glorious Cultural Revolution inform us, anyone believing Lee Park should simply be left alone as nothing better or worse than another hard to come by genuine, organic layer of the patina of the city’s authentic cultural history is a white supremacist or neo-Nazi.

    All shades of meaning are within the Glorious Cultural Revolution; there are no shades of meaning outside the Glorious Cultural Revolution; no shades of meaning against the Glorious Cultural Revolution can be tolerated; and anyone apostasizing outside the self-evident truth of the Glorious Cultural Revolution is obviously in immediate need of re-education.

    Well, until the next time the self-evident truth of the Glorious Cultural Revolution is revised. Perhaps rent-a-bikes will be condemned as the obvious racist denigration of the proletariat they are, to be replaced by pogo sticks allowing all correct peoples of the Glorious Cultural Revolution to leap to their full potential.

    • Happy Bennett

      Paranoid otherwise socially useless cultists have to create an “us” vs. ” evil (usually racist-in the American version) them” propaganda platform. When their credibility disintegrates, they recruit their fellow cultists (Kessler the newly minted leftofascist -“Nazi”) to perform a mini propaganda passion play for the public. If that doesn’t work, they just make stuff up. The result is the same, however–destruction on their watch.

      • JamieT

        Hate will not be tolerated by Mayor Mike and his Merry Maoists Dwayne Kingston, Philip Caraway and others:




        So easy to cynically summon the genie to cater crabby snacks for the latest transient Dallas political power play du jour: hold your right foot in your left hand and hop on your left foot as long as we tell you to, or we and our media corps will smear you as a neo-Nazi white supremacist. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Of course not. So bend the knee. After all, all the cool kids who know what’s good for them are doing it.

        But so hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

    • It’s almost like our republic was set up to make it dangerous for politicians to defy the will of The People.