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Frisco Pitches Itself to Amazon With Snappy Little Video

Where's your cute, well-edited highlight reel, Dallas? Amazon's HQ2 isn't gonna move itself.
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When asked earlier this month whether Frisco would join the scramble of Collin County cities vying for Amazon’s affections, a spokeswoman for the city said she could neither “confirm or deny any level of involvement in any potential economic development projects.”

A cute new video hosted on the city’s social media pages seems to dispel that mystery. Over highlights of the Cowboys’ flashy new home base and Jamba Juice, Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney works to charm Amazon into building its second headquarters in the North Texas boomtown, where people “live, work, and play by our motto [hands up, all together now]: progress in motion.”

We’re left with a few questions, and a comment:

  • Will Amazon come down with a bad case of what Jerry Jones calls the Frisco flu? Is that dangerous?
  • Has Mayor Mike Rawlings, who has left open the possibility of Dallas making a regional pitch for HQ2, seen this video? Frisco doesn’t seem interested in talking that regional talk. Where’s your snappy, well-edited pitch video, Dallas?
  • Who thought of the bit at the end of the video, with Alexa? Funny. Give them a raise.
  • Come on. Frisco doesn’t even have DART. Can they pull it off?

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