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City Council Endorses Downtown DART Subway Alignment

This is where the city would like to see the D2 go through.
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The City Council this morning gave the nod to the Victory-Commerce-Swiss alignment of DART’s D2 project, the long-and-still-awaited subway line that will run through downtown Dallas. Let’s show, rather than tell:

Councilmembers also approved a preferred alignment for a new streetcar line, along Elm and Commerce. Here’s the Elm-Commerce alignment:

The Young and Main alignments, respectively, remain under consideration if things don’t shake out with the Elm-Commerce line.

Engineering studies, financing, and the vagaries of time stand between those dotted lines on a map and an actual subway line, but if everything miraculously proceeds as planned, expect the streetcar project to be finished by 2023, the D2 subway by 2024.

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