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BraBurner Podcast: Talking Food Deserts Down on Bonton Farms

It was all good until Holland came up on the goats.
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This week’s podcast is the first ever en plein air episode of BraBurner. There is compost. There are fresh figs. There is a dwarf heritage chicken named Minnie Pearl. There is a goat revolt that I may or may not have caused. Holland discloses a heretofore secret allergy to cloven-hooved beasts.

We wanted to talk about North Texas Giving Day, which is coming up on Thursday. So we figured it was a great excuse to head down to Bonton Farms in South Dallas on a gorgeous sunny day to hang out with its founder, Daron Babcock, along with Trisha Cunningham, the new CEO of the North Texas Food Bank.

As I’m sure you are aware, NTGD is the day when you can donate money to your favorite local charity and, through the Communities Foundation of Texas, that charity becomes eligible for bonus money and matching funds. (Full disclosure: Tim Rogers’ wife, and my tennis team co-captain, is part of the PR effort for this event.) Last year, Dallas set another national record, with $37 million donated in 18 hours to more than 2,500 nonprofits.

Bonton Farms and the North Texas Food Bank are just two of the possible charities you can give to. Listen to the podcast via the streaming player after the jump or use your favorite podcatcher. Learn about the fresh food revolution Babcock is leading in South Dallas with the help of some former criminals and Cunningham’s plans to tackle hunger in North Texas one can of low-sodium green beans at a time. For this one, I don’t have any show notes, but I do have one piece of wisdom shared by Danny, one of Bonton Farms’ super helpful employees, on our way out. After giving each of us a perfectly ripe fig to eat (Holland’s first), he advised us that next time Aunt Flo comes to town, boil up some fig leaves and drink the tea. Your cramps will be gone.

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