Bibliobar Coming to North Dallas

How many independent bookstores can one metropolis possibly support?! This reading trend is nuts!

In late spring, according to Shelf Awareness (great title for a pub about books), we’ll have another new independent bookstore in North Dallas. This one will be called Bibliobar. Interabang had best watch out, because, as its name implies, this new one will pour drinks. Here’s what Shelf Awareness says about the three people behind Bibliobar:

Chelsea Green has lived four years in New York City, working for HarperCollins and “learning all she can about publishing and building relationships across the industry.” Earlier, she was a bookseller for seven years, in Garland and College Station, Texas. Her husband — and now business partner — Colin Green, was a bookseller for six years. Jessica Tresp has been an event planner and bartender in the Dallas area since graduating from Texas A&M University.

As the parent of an Arkansas Razorback, I am tempted to make a dad joke about Aggies and reading. Instead, I’ll just say: see you at the Death Star on Saturday, bookworms.