This statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee overlooks Lee Park in Dallas. (Photo: DMHinIrving/Flickr)


After Plans for Quick Confederate Statue Removal Backfires, Armed Protesters Head to Dallas

A pro-open carry group will stage a rally around the statue of the Confederate general and symbol of white supremacy that should have been removed a week ago today.

A week ago, the Dallas City Council voted to remove the Statue of General Robert E. Lee that sits on thee public green in Lee Park in Uptown. Within an hour of the vote, crews were on the scene ready to take down the statue. The swift action was, in part, an attempt to reduce the risk of the kind of protests that have accompanied Confederate monument removal attempts elsewhere, and particularly in Charlottesville, where a pro-Confederate rally member rammed his car into a crowd, killing a young woman. and injuring many others.

That backfired for a variety of reasons. And now, per a note sent by Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax to Dallas City Council members and posted on council member Scott Griggs’ Facebook page, the armed protesters are on their way:

I am aware that you are receiving questions and are inundated with media requests regarding the removal. This is a priority for Staff and we continue to utilize all resources available to ensure the safe removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. We will have more concrete information on the removal within several days. I have attached a list of questions and answers related to the monument removal for your reference. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. . . .

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) is preparing for a rally on Saturday, September 16th regarding the confederate statues. The organizer, Mr. Beverly, has been cooperative and is working with DPD Intelligence Unit Detectives regarding rally logistics. Although preliminary, Mr. Beverly has stated that his group will hold the rally in Lee Park sometime around midday on Saturday and the estimated crowd of 200 will also be armed as they are a pro-open carry group. The organizer is stressing that this is a peaceful event, and is working with DPD.

As always, DPD will not interfere with a lawful and peaceful assembly of any individuals or groups expressing their first amendment rights but will take enforcement action if any type of criminal offense is committed against any person or property. Enforcement action will also be taken if demonstrators illegally impede traffic in the roadway or attempt to shut down a freeway. The safety of our officers and citizens is the primary concern as individuals or groups gather to express their first amendment rights. DPD will provide further updates as we get closer to the event. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Assistant City Manager, Jon Fortune.


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  • JamieT

    Lordy, have mercy! Maisie, you get the children into the root cellar, and make sure Emmy Lou keeps ’em quiet. The rest of you women can load. And be sure to keep a pistol and at least one bullet in reserve. You know what these savages do to women folks if’n they ketch ’em alive.

    Oh…wait. Not Antifas. Never mind.

  • Of course they are working with the police. The people who have assaulted and MURDERED cops, especially in Dallas, are the left.

    • Mavdog

      Black nationalism is a far-right political ideology. They are militants who do not respect civil liberties and rule by force.

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      • el-yo

        Theyre not nationalists, they are militant fascists, and that is the ideology of the left.

        • Mavdog

          You don’t understand what fascism means, you merely toss it out as a soundbite.

      • BigInMemphis

        You are on crack. They are not black nationalists but rather black separatists.

    • HelenRBouton

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    • NicoleARochon

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  • Brenda Marks

    We don’t want these guys in our neighborhood park. Why can’t they find a hole to crawl back into.

    • JamieT

      Brenda, if it’s “your neighborhood park”, why aren’t you ponying up the considerable sums T. C. Broadnax has been quoting?

      But I don’t believe it’s your park. It’s everybody’s park; you just want the entire city to conform themselves to your values, at their expense.

      • Gage Whittier

        What about the Lees’ expense? They paid $45000 of the original $90000 for the statue and other improvements. And what about the $5000000 the city and the so-called Lee Park Conservancy raised for the “neighborhood park” in recent years using the Lee name? Certainly appears like a corrupt bargain where the city takes the statue, the Conservancy takes the Arlington House replica and the “neighborhood” is left with an irredeemable dystopia.

        • Happy Bennett

          “feel good” moments all around…not.

  • PeterTx52

    “symbol of white supremacy” sorry but that is the tag you, the mayor and the rest of the anti-statue crowd had laid on the statue.
    i understand that there is no formal charter for the mayor’s task force even though there should be one, also the total cost for this fiasco (remove the statue, store it, and redisplay it) is an estimated $8 million, money that could be well spent in Mr. Caraway’s, Thomas’ and the other district to improve their constituents lives. it does not include the OT cost for police to stand guard.

    what about the left wing antifa crowd that causes destruction wherever they go, any concerns about them?

    • JamieT

      “”symbol of white supremacy” sorry but that is the tag you, the mayor and the rest of the anti-statue crowd had laid on the statue.”

      This is the sort of mendacious, Orwellian bait and switch – Hey, here’s what we’ll do: describe something of the other side’s as something indefensible whether they think of it that way themselves or not; how ’bout bestiality? Yeah, bestiality sounds good – that fluorescently highlights these anti-statue protests as nothing more than cynically orchestrated tribal power plays, devoid of any genuine antipathy, created solely to demonstrate that one tribe can force the other to bend the knee and submit.

      The subject never really matters, only the submission.

  • Mavdog

    Clearly the Confederate monuments are not symbols that attract the white supremacists and other groups who share that ideology. The Confederate battle to preserve the institution of slavery and racial persecution is not reflected in these monuments as some argue.
    It is just a coincidence the racist groups are rallying around them….

    • el-yo

      Lincoln was pro slavery. But it doesnt matter. When your view of that time period is tainted by rose colored sjw glasses, its all racist.

      • Mavdog

        Lincoln was NEVER “pro-slavery”. Lincoln believed slavery as “an evil” that was antithetical to the ideals of the United States.
        You should educate yourself before posting. Otherwise you expose your ignorance.

        • el-yo

          Lincoln was fine with Slavery running its course in the South. If it weren’t for the South’s disapproval of the Crittendon compromise, Slavery would have been around much much later than 1865…Chattel slavery was a dying institution. It has run its course in the North as late as 1848, and the view of most was that Slavery would end eventually in the South as it had in the North. You might want to open a history book before you post.

          • Mavdog

            Ahh, so your blatantly false claim you posted that “Lincoln was proslavery” is now changed to “Lincoln was fine with Slavery running its course”. Quite a pivot there.
            Lincoln believed that a legislative end to slavery in the states that allowed it was not possible.
            The South was behind the Crittenden Compromise, they did not “disapprove of [it]”, it was the northern legislators who rejected the proposal. The Compromise was a hail mary attempt to satisfy the South, and with multiple Constitutional Amendments unlikely to ever reach success.
            Your history book must have some typos…

          • el-yo

            Lincoln believed what everyone else believed in, the constitution which happened to include a fugitive slave clause (GASP!). Don’t sit here and act like Lincoln was the moral equivalent of bernie fucken sanders.

          • DasKlay

            LOL!!!!!!…..seems you’re never right about anything!!!!!…..

            I’ve been laughing my azz off for months at you at the GOP!!!

            100, 000 new DACAS approved by Trump!!!..trump orders legalization of DACA!!….

            On and on and on

    • DubiousBrother

      Are you forgetting that the original “racist groups” rally in Charlottesville was organized by an Obama supporting leftie, Jason Kessler. Community organizing at its best but made even better if a nut job shows up and kills someone.
      Maybe a replacement statue of Sally Louisa Tompkins could be erected so it would be sexist to want it removed or even one of Margaret Sanger, a darling of the left, who’s organization has been responsible for far more deaths of Black Americans than the Confederate Army.

      • Mavdog

        I’m not “forgetting” the unsupported claims that Jason Kessler at one time supported Obama; what you are apparently “forgetting” is Jason Kessler’s writings on “Unity & Security for America”, his acts in Charlottesville against the black Vice-Mayor Bellamy, Kessler’s association with the neo-confederate white supremacist organization League of the South and Kessler’s anti-semitic writings. Oh, not to forget the Unite the Right tiki torch march in which the chanting of “we will not be replaced by jews” was made.
        Yeah, those “racist groups…rallying”.

        • DubiousBrother

          When the goal is political unrest, you have to look at the organizers. Right before Charlottesville there was a headline about how Obama was going to get back in the community organizer business. After the murder mucked things up, there was no more talk of Obama.
          I’m sure 60 minutes is digging into it.
          There was way too much national pre-publicity for the Charlottesville rally for a meaningless march or rally or whatever it was supposed to be. Jason Kessler doesn’t have that kind of pull.

          • Mavdog

            Is that you Alex Jones?

          • DubiousBrother

            Name calling – awesome!

          • Mavdog

            LMAO! Comparing you to Alex Jones is “Name calling”?
            While “Alex Jones” is indeed a name, using it to point out your conspiracy focused apparitions in far from “name calling”.
            The man doth protest too much, methinks…

  • Brian Cleveland

    Dallas does not want its history removed. I run a petition to keep the monuments we got more than 1000 signatures just today. We have 5000+ and the petiton to remove them has 406 at last count.

    • Mavdog

      Brian, did you speak to your Dallas Councilmember about their vote to remove the statue?
      Oh, wait, you don’t live in Dallas do you?

      • Happy Bennett

        When was public or “task force” input allowed before a vote?

        • Mavdog

          Public input was allowed and heard on the day of the Council’s vote.

          The “task force” input is to be heard after they meet and determine their recommendations. The plan as outlined at the beginning was for the task force to have 90 days before presenting their views to Council.

  • buddym

    Of course, in today’s world where the position of the current ‘ruling’ party is that the Nazis and the C.S.A. were the ‘good guys’, they arm themselves for a ‘peaceful’ protest.

  • JamieT

    Everyone behind this move has exhibited a rodentine cravenness breathtaking to behold, from the phony “task force” to the haste to render their iconoclasm a fait accompli before too many Dallasites could become aware of it.

    And then, like the light being flicked on at midnight, the crane accident happened, and there were our rodents exposed in all their squirming, verminous glory, chittering, eyes darting left, then right, desperately seeking a hole to bolt into.

    At least we can be thankful that an equally demented mob idea hasn’t yet possessed these geniuses, namely that, having grown up for so long in the presence of pure evil, the trees of Lee Park must themselves now clearly be as infected with racist cooties as the statue of Robert E. Lee and his horse and so must also come down forthwith in order to purify us all of their chosen demons.

    Because if it had, it would have been handled in exactly the same way: hasty, minimal input, an instant vote, and a crew with chainsaws creating the fait accompli the next or the very same day, all while another phony “task force” stroked their chins and pondered future discussions of arboreal racism.

    Because the same mob is already coming for Thomas Jefferson now, and our cartilaginous Mayor Mike and his Merry Maoists obviously lack any architecture capable of resisting that and any other of their unceasing demands.

  • Trish Wyderka

    I was thinking of myself about the other countries that have symbols that represent things that are tragic such as like the Nazi concentration camp and how those are still left as reminders of what has happened. I believe you can take the statues away and you can rename schools and rename whatever you would like, but the fact of the matter is that this is history and it still happened. It’s very interesting how it took so many years to get to this point of where we are today… I believe you can’t erase history we all can learn from many things in history

    • MattL1

      How many Civil War battlefields are National Historic Sites? How many thousands of books have been written about the Civil War? A statue isn’t history. History is written down. Statues and monuments are not history. Statues and monuments are about celebrating and honoring those that a society deems to be worthy and honorable.

      Given that, if you still deem Robert E. Lee worthy of such a place of honor in our city, I’d seriously consider reordering your priorities. Even he didn’t want such things.

      • mike coleman

        Monuments have the same design as trophies. These in particular are trophies of the Jim Crow era. They should have been removed after the Civil Rights act of 1964.

  • I Chop Suey

    >and symbol of white supremacy

    Go suck a tailpipe you piece of shit.

    • Tereasa Wells

      This whole discussion has had many different point of views stated with appropriate communication. … And then there always has to be that one person……

  • JamieT

    This is the “new urbanism” D Magazine has been promoting: politically correct, ideologically pure iconoclasm.

    Everything within the creed, nothing outside the creed, nothing against the creed.

    • Happy Bennett

      The limousine lily white liberals of D magazine, Dallas Observer, and DMN (Willonsky) are subconsciously aware that, like their idol former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, and other very wealthy or very indoctrinated rapidly aging progressive cultists, their spiel isn’t attractive anymore. Their target “audience” is lost in the IPhone and technological universe, never to return to a print on online media of faux “social causes” juxtaposed with showcased multimillion dollar home advertising and exclusive parties for the billionaire right thinking class (ironically totally excluding those underclasses they superficially “champion”).

      • JamieT

        Peter’s and most other writing here is just the latest iteration of the 19th Century minstrel show featuring capering darkies staged for the entertainment of the white audience. Mandingo porn, where the cruel fate of the non-white “person of color” is reenacted and cathartically enjoyed over and over and over and over by that white audience seems to be the theme most favored currently.

        The singular tell that distinguishes the recent Dallas arrival from everyone else who has been here for 15 minutes or longer is that they haven’t yet realized, as we see once again here, that the Dallas media establishment and the Dallas political establishment are seamless coextensions of one another, each functioning for the enduring benefit of the other.

  • III Frogs

    In America, we should not have The Ministry of Truth, telling us what our history is. This is our story, for good or ill. Our brilliant Founders tried to form ‘a more perfect union,’ not a perfect one. They knew that the rule of law under our Constitution was our only chance to increase freedom and equality. That we, an imperfect people, made mistakes, some of them terrible, is part of our story. It deserves to be remembered and told, lest we forget, repeat our own mistakes or that of other countries. –And waste so much time, blood and treasure finding our way back again. General Robert E. Lee is a Civil War veteran, the same as all in the Confederacy. Their rights and recognition were guaranteed in the terms of peace signed at Appomattox Courthouse, by General Lee, when the South capitulated. And it was codified into federal law that Confederate soldiers were veterans to be treated the same as Union veterans. It is scofflaw to deny it now. More than that, it is morally wrong.

    • Mavdog

      There is no “federal law” which “codified..that Confederate soldiers were veterans to be treated the same as Union veterans”.
      There was a bill passed in 1958 that merely provided benefits to the widows of Confederate soldiers, nothing more.

      The surrender at Appomattox stated “This done [rolls of the soldiers with their agreement to “not take up arms against the Government of the United States”] officers and man will be allowed to return to their homes not to be disturbed by United States authority so long as they observe their parole and the laws in force where they may reside.” Rights to a peaceful existence so long as they adhere to their promise, any “recognition” is to the supremacy of the United States Government.

      • GlennHunter

        Yours is a knee-jerk, decidedly uncharitable reading of the history, “Mavdog.” The 1958 law indeed made the spouses and children of Confederate veterans eligible for federal pensions. The earlier, “Public Law 810” also enabled Confederate veterans to be buried in national cemeteries and to be eligible for C.S.A. headstones paid for by U.S. taxpayers. (I wrote about this on FrontBurner earlier, trying to explain why this foolish, mob-driven crusade against the Lee statue is essentially a slander against hundreds of thousands of ancestors who fought on the southern side.) More important, the American people accepted the dignity of the Confederate dead—and rejected spiteful, small-minded attitudes like yours—many decades ago. Said President William McKinley: “Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate Civil War is a
        tribute to American valor. And while, when those graves were made, we
        differed widely about the future of this government, those differences
        were long ago settled by the arbitrament of arms; and the time has now
        come, in the evolution of sentiment and feeling under the providence of
        God, when in the spirit of fraternity we should share with you in the
        care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers.”

        • Happy Bennett

          Thanks Glenn. I think that we all know the sudden pointless aggression aimed at public statues, etc. is just a ruse for another agenda.

        • JamieT

          Aging, sensible middle class Dallas housewives have been shaving their vulvas as smooth as a Brazilian stripper’s longer than Mavdog or Peter Simek or anyone else has cared about Confederate statues.

          Happy Bennett is right: this is a nothing more than pop-cultural idee fixe literally only months old suddenly being seized upon and weaponized solely as an ideological wedge issue, and as such it’s as insulting to the African-Americans it shanghais as useful tools as it is to the Confederate dead and their memories.

          In one of the more representative newthink comments upthread which this latest breaking mass psychosis has spawned, commenter MattL1 explains to us how many fingers O’brien is now holding up before the hapless and terrified Winston Smith: “Statues and monuments are not history”.

          Of course they aren’t. They aren’t really statues and they don’t even exist in our space-time continuum at all, they’re nothing more than a maleficent fart intruded into our universe from the Dimension of Evil, so by removing them we aren’t really removing history, we’re merely healing a dangerous interdimensional rift and saving our souls from wrongthink.

          • Happy Bennett

            Not looking forward to the next target of Defargian hysteria.

          • JamieT

            Well, as you know, the best way to avoid civil war is to force everyone, whether they care about an issue or not, to either a) passively submit in the most humiliating way possible to a tribunal’s ad hoc decisions for them concerning that issue; b) choose one of two antagonistic tribes they never wanted to join previously; or c) be assigned to one of those two tribes by default.

            It’s really hard at this point to tell whether Philip Johnson and the similar Dunning-Kruger types supporting him in politics and the media are more arrogant than they are stupid, or more stupid than they are arrogant, but I have no doubt we’ll find out in due course.

          • Mavdog

            “Aging, sensible middle class Dallas housewives have been shaving their vulvas as smooth as a Brazilian stripper’s”

            A new level of hyperbole has been attained, and that is quite an accomplishment for the prior level was at Himalayan heights.
            I do wonder how one has the base of knowledge to make such a claim however…or how one produces that allegory in their minds eye. disturbing.

        • Mavdog

          Then yours is a put-lipstick-on a-pig attempt to make the statute appear as something it wasn’t Glenn.

          This is NOT about any attempt to take any “dignity from the Confederate dead” as you suggest. There is nobody I am aware of who is proposing nor suggesting that the dead Confederates be touched or their graves disturbed. The mere allusion to such a position is akin to a dishonest “when did you stop beating your wife” attack. You are better than this aren’t you?

          The comment which was written and responded to was “it was codified into federal law that Confederate soldiers were veterans to be treated the same as Union veterans” and that statement, in spite of your attempt to deflect onto a totally different path, is categorically wrong. Confederate veterans are NOT the same as US veterans. Confederate veterans did not receive the same benefits nor the same recognition and there was a reason.

  • Trisha Idleno Morey

    Nazis LOSE freedom of speech rights, if they incite others to break laws: Brandenburg VS Ohio.

    • Happy Bennett

      How ARE things in Bangor, Trish? Never been there. I’m sure it’s lovely.

  • JohnyAlamo

    No, its not a symbol of “white supremacy.” Don’t give into the reductionism. Its just as much a symbol of rebellion more than anything:

  • Johnny Espino

    You people aren’t even addressing the point. This isn’t about practicing your constitutional right to bear arms or working with police officials. A peaceful protest is a peaceful protest whether your Left or Right. Why would anyone need to bear arms at a peaceful protest if that is the true intent? This is a passive-aggressive way of saying if you tear down this statue we have weapons to prevent you from doing that.

    • Happy Bennett

      Are they doing anything illegal? Maybe it’s just a peaceful protest.

      • Johnny Espino

        Again, I’m not debating them practicing their rights. I’m pointing out perception being reality. Participating in a “peaceful protest” with weapons makes no sense. They are letting people know they are protesting with weapons for a reason.

  • Happy Bennett

    The statue is coming down this afternoon evidently

    • JamieT

      It’s now obvious Dallas has plenty of money to play with, so there’s really no rational reason to give it any more on November 7. The people who would spend it have just demonstrated their first priority is self-serving political posturing with other people’s money.

      • Happy Bennett

        The DISD board subject of many years of ineptitude scandal and controversy is pushing this very evening to rename any failing Dallas school tainted by racism or slavery (“for the children” and to make the benefactors of DISD employment nepotism more comfortable no doubt). I agree about Nov 7. I will be avoiding spending any money on Dallas causes or businesses in the foreseeable future.

  • DubiousBrother

    If you say “Donald Trump and his racist followers” you must then mean “Obama and his racist followers” don’t you? Slavery was eliminated in this country by white people and the Republican Party. The Civil Rights act was passed by white people and the Republican Party. Just because you’re Black don’t mean you have to be a pawn.

  • Marcie Batten

    Not agreeing with you 100% is not the same as “hating” silently or otherwise.

  • Herodotus

    Meanwhile, in the real world of the 21st Century, 7 out of 10 black babies are born illegitimately, black on black crime results in the genocide of young black men, and more “high school graduates” can name all the songs on Beyonce’ s new album, than just one of the protections granted in the 1st Amendment. You fools are being played

  • Larry Linn

    I will miss the Confederate War Memorial at Pioneer Park Cemetery in downtown Dallas. When I would jog or take a walk, I would make sure that I urinated on at least one of the statues of the traitors.

  • Ben Clark

    Good luck