A Primer on Our 10 Most Stylish In Dallas Feature

What could've been a tired and overdone concept turned into something special. We hope you enjoy it.

Being totally honest, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of doing another most stylish feature when the idea got brought up at an editorial meeting. Print had already passed on it. It runs the risk of being a tired concept, a rundown of fashion trends and little else. But we started talking it through and something special gradually emerged.

The piece we published on Thursday is, yes, a chronicling of the city’s most stylish people. But it’s more about self-expression and individualism and entrepreneurial vision. Of the 10 people chosen, some own businesses, some are world famous musicians, some are clothing designers, others are art curators. They are all creators of some sort, and this piece celebrates their drive, intellect, and curiosity. And so, in a way, the idea of style was simply an entry point into studying people who are making our city great—which is D’s whole reason for being here.

Enjoy the photos and videos, taken by our incredible photographer Elizabeth Lavin. Spend some time with the words, which were written by Hilary Lau after spending time with each of the individuals. Take a look at what they put together for us—Forty Five Ten allowed each participant to choose a white shirt and then come up with the style they put around it. There were no stylists—it’s all from their heads. You’ll want to see Erykah Badu.

It’s a diverse group—in race, age, gender, occupation—of knowns and unknowns, all interesting in their own way. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, and I think you will be too. Here are photos from the reveal party last night, if that’s your thing. Print, by the way, did an about-face; it’ll be in the November issue.