Pecan Lodge retains the BBQ crown. Photo by Kevin Marple.

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Welcome to the Best of Big D 2017

By the time you finish reading this, it'll be time to start the process all over again.

I don’t know when we started trying to figure out exactly which 146 people, places, and things would appear in this year’s edition of the Best of Big D. It feels like it was probably about 15 minutes after we finished the 2016 installment, but that’s just me using a familiar construction — obvious exaggeration — to make a point. I hope that peek behind the curtain didn’t ruin the illusion for anyone. If so, I apologize.

And while we technically do not begin kicking the tires on this particular project until more like March or April, we are pretty much working on it all year, keeping our eyes and ears open, rambling around town, all so that when the time comes, we’re ready to prosecute or defend to make sure we get it right.

During this process, I probably argue more than most because 1) that’s just sort of my way and 2) even when I’m not actually arguing, my face and voice give the definite impression that I am. There is a fair bit of cursing, very little hurt feelings, and kind of an insane amount of Holland and I talking over each other.

It’s fun.

So, after all that throat clearing, here is this year’s crop of winners. If you disagree, email [email protected]. If he doesn’t email back, try again. If that doesn’t work, tweet him @timmytyper. But don’t follow him. He has enough.