We Have a New Leader in the Dallas Bike-Share Wars

LimeBike has just pulled into the lead.

As you know, I’m the bike-share editor here at D Magazine. Initially I endorsed the first entrant, VBikes. Then Spin came to town, and I switched gears. (Nailed that joke!) But today I had my first ride on a LimeBike. I think we’ve got a new winner.

I took a Spin from D HQ, across from the DMA, to One Arts for lunch with my wife. This is what you do when you’re happily married and you live a perfectly urban, bearded, hipster life like I do. Don’t be jealous. Especially because the ride on the Spin sucked. I couldn’t get the thing into its lowest gear, the adjustable seat wouldn’t stay put. And, worst of all, the rear brake rhythmically engaged itself, making it way hard to pedal. My maiden voyage on a Spin was a great; each ride thereafter has been a bummer.

So on the return trip, I fired up a LimeBike for the first time. The payment process was a snap. The tech worked seamlessly. LimeBike hit all the notes right, at least on this ride. The seat was easily adjustable and stayed put. All three gears worked. The basket was an actual basket (as opposed to VBike’s shelf). The ride was smooth.

Until further notice, LimeBike is the preferred service of your humble correspondent.