Leading Off

Leading Off (8/7/17, Late Edition)

A miscommunication means you don't get your news until an hour later than normal. Apologies.

Jerry Jones is in the Hall of Fame. The Cowboys owner gave a speech that included a rare Jimmy Johnson shoutout, then slipped on custom Air Force 1s and threw a $10 million party at a country club with a two-hour Justin Timberlake set. As one does.

Gov. Greg Abbott Probably Won’t Get All His Bills Passed. The state’s divided House and Senate do not appear to have the time—or the will—to get the governor’s 20 emergency bills passed before the session wraps on August 16. On the chopping block include legislation on abortion, school finance, annexation, and who can use what bathroom in public buildings. That last one’s eaten up a lot of time and headlines, and it would be ironic if that winds up sinking Abbott’s other priorities. Property tax reform looks like it’ll make it through, though.

We Got a Nice Light Show Last Night. Rain is in the forecast basically all week, so maybe don’t leave your umbrella somewhere in the office like you did before you drove home for the weekend. We’re apparently still under a flash flood warning after last night, but it looks like Tarrant and Parker counties got the worst of it.

Someone Got Shot in Uptown. The victim was apparently wrestling the gun away from the shooter when he got two in the leg. The suspect fled and left the gun. The victim went to Parkland.