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Leading Off (8/11/17)

Dallas Stars take an inclusive stance, the biggest dummy in Denton, and Mr. Allcock fights for Robert E. Lee's memory.

Dallas Stars Are First Pro Franchise to Publicly Oppose Texas Bathroom Bill. “Dallas welcomes all, and we welcome all,” President Jim Lites said. Take notes, Jerry, though rumor is the bill is going down the toilet.

The Fight Over Dallas’ Confederate Statues Continues. During a small rally at Pioneer Park Cemetery yesterday, protestors calling for the removal of confederate monuments clashed with a group called Sons of Confederate Veterans (one of whom is named Festus Allcock, obviously).

Denton Assistant Principal: Alt-Right Nationalist or Idiot? An assistant principal at Rodgriguez Middle School, Eric Hauser, published a children’s book on August 1 in which Pepe the Frog and his friend Centipede overpower a bearded alligator named Alkah to “restore law and order, and bring freedom back to Wishington Farm.” Now, “centipedes” are a Trump thing, which Hauser doesn’t deny, but he claims to have not known that Pepe is a meme appropriated by the alt-right. That’s a pretty tremendous feat of ignorance, because when I google “Pepe the Frog,” the first three things that come up are the meme’s listing on the Anti-Defamation League website, a Wikipedia page with a lengthy section about Pepe’s alt-right history, and an LA Times article titled “How ‘Pepe the Frog’ went from harmless to hate symbol.”

Highland Park ISD Asks Residents If Teachers Can Park In Their Driveways. The middle school’s underground parking lot is still under construction. But we’re talking about Highland Park, here. Why give up driveway space, when residents can just loan out their spare car lifts?


  • Marcus Cady

    Keep to the left…

  • Pol Pot

    Well if four legs are better than two, a centipede has to be magnificent.

  • Happy Bennett

    The idiot “professor” from Plano who cannot get over statuary, of which he suddenly does not approve, is a dingbat. The Dallas city council is officially loonier than Congress.

    • Mavdog

      “dingbat”? Are you channelling Archie yelling at Edith?

      IDK if the criticism goes on those who are protesting the statues and their message, it seems that is most deserved for the “Confederates” who felt the need to scream and yell when they went to confront the protesters.

      • Happy Bennett

        I do not consider the 65% of those polled on the matter by DMN preferring the status quo (who may simply be tired of this manufactured hub-bub and want things to be left alone ) “confederates”. The obvious media bias in promotion of the sudden unspeakable outrage assigned to nearly 80 year old inanimate harmless statuary probably does frustrate those whose viewpoints are callously disregarded in the latest cause of pointless destructive lunacy.

        • Mavdog

          My reference to the “Confederates” was in regard to those individuals who went to Pioneer Park and carried Rebel flags.

          It is interesting that you view a “media bias”, and to call the discussion “the sudden unspeakable outrage” seems contradictory when you at the same time speak of the issues “promotion”.

          IMHO all viewpoints should be considered and a route forward found that hopefully respects both sides. I don’t believe the removal of the statues accomplishes much of anything, but at the same time efforts need to be made that puts into context the acts of these individuals who have been honored with a statue.

          • Happy Bennett

            I appreciate your conclusion that removal of the statues will not accomplish anything. Those who make the effort to become familiar with the relevant history, may have a variety of view points regarding historical monuments. I disagree with the premise, for example that the statues “honor” a solitary individual. In my view they represent a tapestry of events. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox for example is worth in depth exploration as a model of restraint in the aftermath of conflict. I find it extremely galling that anyone would inaccurately and ineptly conclude that preservation of a war memorial could be ascribed only to prejudicial inclination. ( In other words, you don’t speak for me professor.)

        • JamieT

          The entirely contemporary white folks vs. white folks game is played thus:

          Find an issue, any issue (the issue itself is never, EVER important in itself) over which White Tribe A can attempt to force White Tribe B to obey White Tribe A: “take down Confederate statues”; “wear a propeller beanie”; “spell a word a certain way”; again, the issue itself is never, EVER important in and of itself, only the compliance and submission it serves as a passing totem.

          If or when White Tribe B resists (many never do, choosing instead to pre-comply), the issue immediately becomes “divisive” and, ipso facto, presto, and shazam!, self-evident proof that White Tribe B has been committing original moral sin by never having taken down Confederate statues/worn propeller beanies/spelled a word in a particular way.

          Takeaway: do not dare be divisive by resisting when Tribe X gives you an order to obey.

          • Happy Bennett

            Re: Tribes and tribal behavior :The Cargo Cult mentality with its empty ritualistic practices arises in times of real or imagined socioeconomic stress.

    • JamieT

      The racially pure, virtually translucent Caucasian Ms. Murphy, who has previously taken the additional pains of assuring us via photograph that her offspring is of equal Caucasian racial purity as well, made certain to affix the D Magazine brand on her offering here with the signature making-fun-of-her-target Festus Allcock’s name.

      Of such virtue-preening mockery is great Pulitzer journalism forged. With such virtue-preening mockery does D Magazine dominate the region on and off the page, an MSA of 7 million, with a circulation impressively above 60,000 but below 61.

      Seriously, who’s kidding who here? There aren’t any black or brown or Muslim bylines amongst the perennial White Kids of D, and there aren’t likely to be any in the foreseeable future, because that’s the way the racially pure D wants it. Black people, race and the Confederacy merely serve FrontBurner and D in the same way they serve NPR (where black people exist only in the two-dimensional twilight of only being either ex-Confederate slaves or potential future ones) and other virtue-preening progressive outlets: merely as a tool with which one white tribe wages moralistic war on another white tribe. Few people of color actually believe this cynical dog and pony show.

      But, regardless of how much a master baiter like Ms. Murphy flogs this story for transitory blog clicks, one thing that did get my attention was WFAA’s coverage of it last night. Not the story itself, which was anodyne, but the poll African-American John McCaa and Hispanic Cynthia Izaguirre ran during it, after which it was revealed that 20% of the respondents favored removing the statues while 80% did not.

      That is, black John McCaa’s and brown Cynthia Izaguirre’s random Thursday night audience – probably not disproportionately white nationalists, I’m guessing – felt 4-to-1 that the city should just leave things alone. I agree.

      • Happy Bennett

        “NPR- where black people exist only in the two dimensional twilight of only being either ex-Confederate slaves or potential future ones.” puts it pretty well. if one deviates from the NPR cult ideology they are either banished for life or sent to work in an NPR designated Gulag (Juan Williams to FOX for example).

      • Mavdog

        “such virtue-preening mockery”.
        oh, the irony…..

      • S. Holland Murphy

        Festus Allcock is a name that can’t be ignored, no matter what your color may be, and I took no sides in this story other than that. And thank you for referring to me as a “master baiter.” Cute one.

        • JamieT

          What was it about Mr. Allcock’s name that made it impossible for you to ignore, Ms. Murphy? Few others seem to have cared.

          • Marcie Batten

            If Mr. Allcock was a self promoting attention craving (but otherwise useless to his newly minted “cause” of equality) “professor” at an obscure county community college, his name would be elevated to Shakespearean heights by our local fifth estate (column?).

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  • Mavdog

    The answer to the question posed of “Denton Assistant Principal (Eric Houser): Alt-Right Nationalist or Idiot?”