Collin County Is a Leader in the Self-Segregation of the American Population

A McKinney-based company wants to help conservative Americans live in a place that supports their views

It’s a truism that has almost become a cliche: America is a country that is deeply divided, and the two sides of its political spectrum no longer know how to talk to each other. But has it gotten to the point where some parts of the country are simply uninhabitable for people who hold certain political beliefs?

Some people apparently think so. NPR reported over the weekend on a McKinney-based relocation service that is helping conservatives in more liberal enclaves, like California, find a home in ideologically safer territories. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the leader of the pack for conservatives looking to flee the left coast is booming Collin County, where Republican, former Californian, and failed congressional candidate Paul Chabot runs conservativemove.com, a relocation service that promise to “help families move right.” Here’s how Chabot describes his mission to NPR:

Following the defeat, he and his wife concluded that their home state is controlled by what he referred to as an ultra-far-left ideology. “And that left ideology in California are largely wealthy liberal coastal elites that I believe controlled most of California through politics and fundraising and policies, hands down,” he said. But, he added, “when you get to the inland part of these states — the Inland Empire, the Central Valley — these are areas where you have working poor people that are living largely impoverished and forgotten.”

The company was launched in May and already, he claimed, 2,000 families have asked for his help. It’s been an easy sell, he said laughing, because Republicans like Stokes — who are trapped in liberal states — are desperate to leave.

“It’s because of liberal laws that have basically destroyed the infrastructure or the region,” he said.

As the NPR report points out, on a certain level, Chabot isn’t doing anything new. While his mission resonates with an ideological fervor, all he is ultimately doing is buying and selling homes via a smartly targeted marketing campaign. Communities in the United States have long self-segregated in these ways, as the persistent levels of neighborhood-based inequality attest to. But what is worrisome to me is the tenor and tone of that campaign, which picks up on the rhetoric of an irreconcilable disconnected society that is the grist of the bluster of talk radio. I don’t believe this country is as divided ideologically as those who profit from those divisions would have us believe. But what is worrying is that this kind of rhetoric feeds an us-versus-them, me-and-the-other mentality that is only entrenching itself more deeply in the national identity during this rattled American moment.


  • Randy Zimmerman

    You need to check your work. American instead of America. The word ‘know’ is also missing. And then flea instead of flee. That’s as far as I could go…

  • Mavdog

    Collin County is to DFW what Orange County is to LA.

  • Los_Politico

    The DMN ran this story three months ago

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  • jimmy d

    The City of Frisco and the surrounding area is a Lily White Community which has a bias against blacks, Latinos, minorities unless they have money. There is little low income housing in Frisco because Frisco will deny zoning requests where low income housing would be built. Frisco believes that low income creates crime which is not the case as borne out by the last low income development in 2014. Since then, there has been no low income housing built. Frisco doesn’t want low income people (blacks, Latinos, minorities) in their Lily White City even when low income ppl have good jobs here but can’t live here but need Government housing assistance. You should read the comments the citizens made on the “net” about the last low income housing project in 2014 which were all racist which is indicative of the racist attitude the City of Frisco and those that govern Frisco. Frisco discriminates against the “low income” but they sure do like all the minimum wage workers aka “indentured servants” that come in to Frisco daily from the semi ghettos of Dallas and Plano to make Frisco’s great food or perform menial construction work and are paid “slave wages”. Furthermore, unless one is upper income and makes over $36,000 a year, one cannot afford to live in Frisco. The average rate for one to live in Dallas is $10.50 an hour for one person to live which assumes a $600 1 bed apt. In Frisco, apartment rental rates are going to be $1200+. If you take the difference between 600 and 1200, you get $600 a month times 12 months equals $7,200 extra someone has to pay AFTER taxes to live in Frisco. If you divide the $7,200 by 2080, you get approximately $ 3 more a worker needs to make to live in Frisco and this is before taxes. But when you work at Panera Bread or the restaurants you only get paid $8-9 if you get that. The Latinos who corporations hire, especially real estate companies like Westwood and the corporation the Mayor works for, are paid below minimum wage and they are not even legal citizens but these corporations don’t care. These workers don’t live here but Frisco sure does like them employed here for slave wages. And, that’s what Frisco says to businesses when they call about relocating here. And, that’s what Frisco says to businesses when they call about relocating here.

    “Ya all come on down and be treated to tax incentives by our Lilly White City, cheap labor and no benefits will you have to pay”. Wheel Chair Abbot will ALWAYS harm the interest of children, women and poor before he will ever hurt your corporate profits”. Texas doesn’t take care of the poor or its children but you don’t have to worry about that. No one does in Frisco so don’t believe what you all hear

  • Snapper Snatch

    it’s not about views–it’s about keeping blacks, Latinos and the poor living close to their minimum wage jobs in the Frisco area.

    • PeterTx52

      you do realize that there are blacks and LatinX who live up there and have the money to do so.. not all blacks and Latinx are poor

      • Snapper Snatch

        but those minorities work elsewhere and not a the $8 minimum wage jobs at panera & the % of blacks and latinos living in this “Lilly white” community are very low–asian indians made up the largest % but this group of immigrants bring their uncles, sisters, grad fathers, all family members to America and their money so Plano & Frisco don’t say much cause they bring money but they don’t work except in their restaurants they open–seriously–that’s why there are so many more than gas stations

    • Happy Bennett

      and THAT doesn’t happen in LA, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, etc? Anyway D magazine informs us that enclaves such as the above are some of North Texas “Best Neighborhoods” on an annual basis. (irony?)