Bike-Share War Update: VBikes Ditches $99 Deposit

But there's still one big problem with the service.

Today VBikes announced that it has done away with its $99 deposit. Good news! I learned about the move at lunch and downloaded the app as I was paying my tab. It was very easy to use. I enjoyed my ride back to the office — save for one problem. The dang things don’t have adjustable seats. I’m 6 feet tall (but I play like I’m 6-foot-4). So a low seat makes for an uncomfortable ride. The tradeoff is that the seat posts can’t be stolen, as they can be with Spin bikes. But for tall(ish) renters, that tradeoff sucks.

Speaking of Spin, I didn’t see a single orange bike on my short ride through downtown, though that system’s app does show there are about 40 bikes spread around downtown and Uptown. LimeBikes, recently deployed, were plentiful.