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The One Essay About Whole Foods That You Should Read Because It’s Not Really About Whole Foods

No matter what Bezos has in mind, these words are trenchant.

Many, many months ago, we published a story about the best bars in Dallas. I asked the noted painter Richard Patterson to contribute a 300-word story about a bar that he and I both love, the joint at the Lakewood Whole Foods. His submission came in a bit over the word count. Like 4,000 words over the assigned limit. Which, appropriately, is pretty much how the bloke paints. He goes beyond.

So I did what any reasonable editor would do. I told Richard that he was a horrible, terrible, sucky writer. I said there was no way D Magazine could accommodate all the words he’d written. Um, but then, because Richard is brilliant, not to put too fine a point on it, I thought we should maybe run his entire essay. Oh, okay, I cut a few words. But if you care about Dallas and culture and Dallas culture and beer and cheese and everything that is important to humanity, then read his essay. It’s in our July issue and just went online.


  • topham

    “Which shouldn’t be confused with the other, diametrically opposed Park Cities contingent, the ones who moved there for the schools, hung on by their fingernails to pay the mortgage and property taxes, then, soon as the kids were out of the house, made a run for the border while they still had the last vestige of their sanity.”

    This man has peered deeply into my soul.