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Dak Prescott: Great Guy Who Gets Pumped to Bad Music

The Rookie of the Year on football, immunology, and his love for a truly awful leftover from early aughts alternative radio.
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It pains me to write this post, because Dak Prescott seems fairly unimpeachable character-wise. Especially after reading this Sports Illustrated interview, in which last year’s Rookie of the Year talks about his effort to raise $150,000 to bolster awareness to immunotherapy research in the wake of his mother’s death from cancer in 2013. Immunotherapy involves using the immune system to battle cancerous tumors. He also dings Zeke for his ESPN the Magazine Body Issue cover, saying he “should use his platform to do things like I’m doing” such as this cancer campaign “instead of doing his thing for the body issue and doing photo shoots.”

Side-eye notwithstanding, look at that character!

I wish I’d stopped reading there. SI just had to include this tidbit:

SI: Favorite song right now?

Prescott: My favorite song ever is Drops of Jupiter by Train. It’s one of the songs I listen to before games. It’s chill, but it’s also upbeat at the same time.

But, you know what, if that gets him going, Cowboys fans can’t really complain too much. Maybe that’s why he seems so calm in the pocket. Anyway, head here to learn more about the Ready. Raise. Rise. campaign that Prescott’s aligning with to raise money for immunotherapy research; it’s a dual effort with Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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