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Tim Cowlishaw Has a Great Plan To Turn the Mavericks Into the Warriors


The Mavericks aren’t great right now. But they could be, according to local sports columnist and goatee enthusiast Tim Cowlishaw, and it won’t take much, especially since they already have Harrison Barnes on the roster. OK, here is the plan:

  1. Draft a future two-time MVP and game-redefining superstar who is maybe the best shooter the league has ever seen with this year’s lottery pick.
  2. With next year’s (probable) lottery pick, draft another All-Star capable of going off for 30 points in a single quarter, who would maybe be the best shooter in the league if not for the future two-time MVP and game-redefining superstar also on the squad.
  3. In that same draft — in the second round, no less, where there are very low odds of finding even a regular starter — hit on another All-Star, a guy who also changes how the game is played because he can fill in at center even though he’s 6-foot-7, and can guard all five positions.

SO EASY. Ignore all the factual errors (the Warriors drafted Klay Thompson before Barnes and Draymond Green) and false equivalencies (The 2013 Brooklyn Nets won 49 games! They weren’t bad!) and just focus on this very simple, very clear way for the Mavs to win another title in 2020.

Tim, thank you for your insight.